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Lapaco has over 60 years of experience delivering the highest quality disposable tabletop, bakery and related products in North America.  We invest in the art and science of creating products that enhance the presentation to your guests.  From the cleanliness of our doilies to the precision of our custom printed products, the Lapaco Team takes pride in providing our customers with the best overall buying experience.

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Placemat Stack of Napkins Cakes with doilies Red NuLinen Napkin Baking cups Place-setting with black napkin Custom printed coasters

In Focus

Time to order Easter
Guaranteed availability until March 18th


Available Combo Kits (250 placemats and 250 - 1 ply coordinating dinner napkins), placemat only or 1 ply dinner napkin.

Time to order Mothers Day
Guaranteed availability until April 22nd

Available Combo Kits (150 placemats and 150 - 2 ply pink dinner napkins).

• These great new designs add an inviting look to the tabletop.
• Disposable placemats provide a sanitary setting.

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Lapaco's 2016 Combo Kit Calendar

The 2016 Combo Calendars are available now. Please send an email to info@lapaco.com
and orders yours today.


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Great New Designs from Lapaco



These 2 Combo Kits are available in 150 placemats and 150, 2 ply coordinating color dinner napkins. The placemats can also be purchased without the napkin.
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