Lapaco has many tools to help you make the most of your tabletop.  From videos to to brochures and training information to help you make the best of use of Lapaco's products.  Lapaco will help you grow your business!

 Lapaco's 2018 Combo Calendar is here!

Lapaco's 2018 Combo Calendar is a great tool to show both operators and distributors when they need to place their orders for up-coming holidays or occasions.  Please request hard copies of the Lapaco Combo Calendar from our sample department at

Canada Combo Calendar 2018.pdf


Custom Print Brochure

Lapaco's custom print program is outlined in the brochure below.  Download it and forward to customers so they have all the information they need to effectively sell Lapaco custom print. 

Lapaco Custom Printing 11_29_2016.pdf


Lapaco is passionate about our doilies!  We have created this video to demonstrate the many places and ways to use doilies.